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"43 Ways to Earn Cash TODAY" & "44 Ways to Earn Cash Tomorrow"

People in dire need can write the author to receive a free copy

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1-10 copies $6.99 each

11-50 copies $6.00 each

51-100 copies $5.00 each

101-500 copies $4.00 each

501-1,000 copies $3.00 each

1,001+ copies Call for quote

5,000 + copies Licensing agreements available


If you need thousands of copies you can economically license the electronic and/or print rights. Electronic rights allow you to use the book in email or online campaigns for a full year. Print rights allow you to use your own print shop for additional savings and allows you to add your own "President's Message" or other content in addition to branding the booklet with your own company logos and slogans.

Once you license 10,000 copies, the cost per book drops to 60 cents each. License 100,000+ copies and the price drops to 16 cents each. Need different quantities? Contact Mike for a free quote.

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