JFK Murder Was an Inside Job

By Mike Johnson

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After thousands of hours of research, it is my opinion that the murderers of President John F Kennedy got away with it. It was an inside job made to look like the random act of a crazed loner. I can say this with 100% certainty because of several easy-to-follow conclusions. You'll have to do your own reading to see if you agree with my conclusions.

1) Kennedy's head snapped violently BACKWARD after the head shot that killed him. This is verified on the Zapruder film of the assassination. A backward reaction means a shot hit the president from the front.

2) According to dozens of witnesses, including Dallas doctors and nurses, JFK's throat and head wounds were delivered from the FRONT. Oswald's "sniper's nest" was located above and behind Kennedy when he was shot. You cannot shoot a person in the front if you are in the back.

3) If it was physically impossible for Oswald to have delivered these shots, then all the evidence that ties him to the crime was fabricated before the murder took place, and becomes evidence pointing back to the conspirators who created the false evidence. The gun, the intact bullet and bullet fragments ballistically matched to the gun, the "sniper's nest," the photo of Oswald holding the gun, Oswald's palm print on the gun, the mail-order receipt to an Oswald alias receiving the gun, and the witness placing Oswald in the sniper's window were all artifacts made to look like facts. The investigation then ingested these artifacts and spit out a conclusion based on the "reality" it was presented with.

It did not take dozens of people to create the conspiracy, it merely took a few who would be able to plant false evidence before the crime and make sure it got ingested at the beginning of the investigation. Wrong conclusions would then be made by the normal investigative bodies based on this false evidence.

I have been to Dealey Plaza. It is extremely small and very open. As I stood in the various positions that could have held a shooter or shooters in the front, I pictured myself standing there with a weapon with hundreds of people lining the parade route. The second a gun would have been fired, all heads would have looked toward the source. Because I was certain that the killing was an inside job because the false evidence proved that, I realized that plotters with this level of pre-planning sophistication would only use the sounds of gunshots for misdirection. Silencers were available in 1963.

If misdirection was employed, then I imagined it would be an ingenious form of misdirection. And then I realized that the arguments about the assassination always came down to one of two positions. You either thought Oswald did it from the rear, or you thought another shooter(s) did it from the grassy knoll to JFK's right front. The fight was always between these two positions.

Then I thought, if misdirection is goal, then what is the exact opposite of the official crime scenario? The official scenario says JFK was shot from above and behind. The exact opposite location would then be from below and in front. So I began looking for a gunshot position located below and in front that could deliver the throat and head shots to JFK and the back shot to Governor John Connally. And I found it right in the presidential limo. John Connally was sitting directly in front of JFK and Connally's seat back could have been the origin of these shots.

The limo had always bothered me because it was a rolling crime scene. The murder occurred in the car and the car was just driven from the scene straight to the hospital. At the hospital, secret service agents started cleaning the car and installed the top right in the hospital parking lot. These are highly trained law enforcement officers yet they immediately altered the crime scene. They did not leave the limo in Dallas for evidence gathering either. They immediately took it back to Love Field, loaded it on a cargo plane and flew it back to the White House garage. Within weeks, the limo's upholstery and interior was removed and the car was stripped to its frame and totally rebuilt. The new version of the limo is now on display at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan but looks little like JFK's version.

I could always understand secret service agents demanding to take JFK's body back to Washington (despite it being against Texas law for a murdered body to leave before autopsy), but I could never understand why they took the car too. That was impersonal evidence. That limo would have had blood splatters that could have revealed the direction of shots. The car also had various damage to the interior that could provide more evidence. Yet the limo (the crime scene) was immediately altered and then taken and then quickly destroyed.

What was that limo hiding?

So I turned the "Connally seatback scenario" over in my mind for months trying to find supporting evidence. I contacted the secret service and requested all the maintenance documents related to JFK's specially built 1961 Lincoln Continental limousine. I waited over a year, sent two follow-up letters and finally received a pile of generic documents that were not even close to what I'd requested. The secret service had blown me off. In the meantime, I'd also contacted the Henry Ford Museum and they speedily sent 6 inches of documents related to the car. Those documents were far more valuable than the secret service documents.

If a hidden firing device was installed, might there be some maintenance record evidence somewhere? It turns out there was. The secret service ordered new carpeting for the limo just 6 months before the assassination. Then in less than two weeks after the assassination, they ordered new carpet again, despite the decision to totally strip and rebuild the car. Was the original carpeting ripped up to install wires to this device? If so new carpet might be needed. Presidential limos do not get lots of use. Obviously the wires and device(s) would have to come out after the killing. Was new carpeting needed to cover for some that was ripped up after the killing?

It turns out that Ford also delivered a shorter, but nearly identical Lincoln Continental to the White House before the killing too. This was to be "Jackie's Car." Unlike the first limo that received lots of publicity (Ford gave it to the government for a token $500 a year and the secret service thanked Ford with the free publicity) the second limo, although given by Ford with the same terms, was purposely given no publicity. Memos included in the Ford materials I received reveal this.

So the secret service had a second, quasi-secret limo that could be a convenient provider of spare parts in the event the primary limo sustained damage during the assassination. And sustain damage it did. There is much written about the interior damage to JFK's limo during the shooting in the links I've provided on this page.

In the meantime, I'd stumbled upon a book written by the pilots of Air Force One. What I discovered in that book needs a short digression to explain. It is worth the delay. The pilots described the following covert activity done by CIA Director Allen Dulles to President Eisenhower's plane, without the president's knowledge.

Quote from "The Flying White House, The Story of Air Force One," by J.F. terHorst and Ralph Albertazzie: (page 196):

"Dulles had not necessarily set out to deceive the President. But sometimes, as he knew, it was a boon to political superiors if they were kept in the dark. It gave them a valuable commodity called "deniability" in the event some outlandish piece of espionage was uncovered by the other side. Then they could, in all honesty, claim innocence of whatever had happened. Deniability was something Eisenhower didn't have - and could have used - on May 1, 1960, the day that U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers was shot down over Russia.

"The handsome Boeing was moved to a secluded hangar where, under tight security, the installation of high-resolution cameras and electronic control mechanisms was begun. With blowtorches and riveting guns, CIA's workmen fashioned a special compartment in the belly of the fuselage to house the components.

"A special detachment was assigned to SAM to supervise Project Lida Rose. A special crew was selected to operate the reconnaissance equipment. Even a special aviator was designed as the key man to employ the system aloft while Draper flew the airplane.

"The controls were designed to be activated by the co-pilot from his seat in the cockpit. In the best tradition of the espionage trade, they were cleverly camouflaged to avoid detection by the unknowing, particularly by any foreign escort pilot or navigator who would be riding in the cockpit on flights into the Soviet Union or some other "closed" country.

"Two instruments in the cockpit were modified to do the trick. One was the co-pilot's "fresh air valve" - very similar to the air inlets over passenger seats in any airplane. By rotating and adjusting the innocent looking valve, the co-pilot could open and activate the big cameras hidden in the belly compartment below. To ensure proper camera performance, of course, the co-pilot needed to know that he was moving the fresh air valve in accordance with a prescribed sequence. So the CIA's electronic wizards performed a delicate surgical operation on SAM 970's magnetic compass.

"On an airplane with modern navigational equipment, the magnetic compass is merely a standby gadget. It serves primarily as a reference for the direction of the flight, assuring the pilot and co-pilot that the aircraft's basic guidance system is functioning properly. (Theoretically, the magnetic compass should have alerted the crew of the ill-fated Korea Airline 707 that it had strayed off course into Soviet territory in 1978.) On a Boeing like SAM 970, the magnetic compass is swivel-mounted and, when not in use, it can be pushed out of the way into a recess in the cockpit ceiling.

"For Project Lida Rose, tiny holes were drilled into the side of SAM 970's compass. Inside these apertures, the CIA surgeons implanted pinhead sequence lights that were visible only to the co-pilot - and only when he was seated in exactly the right position. By watching the sequence lights on the compass as he adjusted the fresh air valve, the co-pilot was able to determine - in one-two-three fashion - that the camera compartment doors were open, that the camera was in position, and that it was functioning. When the co-pilot decided he had shot sufficient film, he again adjusted the fresh air valve. This time, the pinhead lights on the compass would turn off in reverse sequence. When the last light winked out, he knew the compartment doors had closed, the cameras were safely hidden from view, and everything was back to normal again.

"Project Lida Rose performed remarkably during test flights. Photographs taken from 30,000 feet were so sharp it was possible to read license plate numbers on automobiles on the ground. Inside the Soviet Union, the high-resolution cameras were certain to pick up intelligence information that had been impossible for U-2s to obtain. To test out the security of the camera installation, experienced but unaware mechanics and flight engineers were instructed to thoroughly inspect SAM 970 and the cockpit's instrumentation. None of them detected anything suspicious that might betray the secret. The project, estimated to have cost approximately $1,000,000, was pronounced a success. So tight was the security that only a handful of persons knew about it and they were sworn to secrecy.

"Unfortunately for Dulles and the CIA, Eisenhower never made his planned trip to the Soviet Union. Khrushchev used the capture of Francis Gary Powers to accuse Eisenhower of "perfidy" in the Soviet skies. He stalked out of a Big Power summit meeting in Paris on May 15 when Ike refused to apologize for the U-2 spy flights. In the strained atmosphere that followed, Eisenhower's visit to Russia was scuttled too.

"There was heavy irony in all this. The CIA and Air Force intelligence officials were convinced that Soviet aircraft flying Russian dignitaries to the UN in New York were equipped with reconnaissance cameras. There was suspicion that similar equipment was aboard the TU-114 that brought Khrushchev to the U.S. in 1959. Indeed, this was advanced as a reason why Eisenhower's plane should be similarly outfitted.

"In 1961, with President Kennedy in the White House, the reconnaissance cameras were removed from SAM 970. The camera team was disbanded. It never got the chance to photograph Soviet territory.

"Dulles's U-2 program, it could be said, had shot down his Project Lida Rose."


I can't begin to describe my feelings after reading this information. The hair stood up on my neck. I had goose bumps. I was certain that I was the first one to make this connection to a possible firing device placed IN the car. Here I'd found actual evidence of its possibility pointing right to one of the biggest possible suspects in the case, Allen Dulles. This story proved he thought that way and had actually implemented a similar, although non-lethal system. I was terrified. Because of my prior contact to the secret service I knew I was "on the grid." I did not sleep well for several nights as I dwelled upon the ramifications of my find.

Allen Dulles was no respecter of presidents. He had the power and the budget and the arrogance to risk an international incident and keep it secret. Might he have installed a similar micro-electrical device in the seatback of the presidential limo? One with a firing device hidden in the seat upholstery with controls placed in the front of the limo that agents up front could have secretly operated at the appropriate time?

Allen Dulles hated JFK of course. JFK fired him 8 months after the Bay of Pigs fiasco. JFK blamed the plan on Dulles and Dulles blamed Kennedy for not succumbing to Dulles's pressure to provide air cover protection as the revolutionaries were being routed by Castro's troops. JFK swore he'd "break the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds." Dulles may have made a more sinister, quiet oath. Dulles, by the way, was named to the Warren Commission and played a key role in helping that group find its conclusion.

Then I found some information that incredibly claimed that JFK's limo driver, William Greer, turned and fired the fatal head shot. I own the Medio JFK Assassination CD that has all the photographic evidence of the crime, including a frame-by-frame slow motion version of the Zapruder assassination tape. I was skeptical, but eagerly loaded the CD into my computer to see for myself. And sure enough, JFK's driver can be seen looking back at JFK, then turning back ahead, then turning back toward JFK while raising his left arm and placing it over his right shoulder and pointing something right at JFK's head at the instant of the head shot. I couldn't believe what I was seeing!

I froze the tape one frame before the head shot and laid a business card at the end of the object Greer is pointing at the president and the spot on JFK where he gets hit. There is a straight line between the object and the head shot. Amazing. And sickening.

I played that tape 100 times. At full speed, Greer's object is only exposed for 1 second and his movements are fast. In slow motion, his movements are clear and obvious. It would be the ultimate in coincidences if Greer's inexplicable movements were not related to that head shot. Greer, by the way, is the only witness interviewed by the FBI who had a full physical description placed in his report. Despite his position in the secret service, the FBI initially treated him like a suspect.

The repercussions of this conclusion are truly mind-boggling and include the following:

Since the murder occurred INSIDE the limo itself, by the presidents' own protective U.S. Secret Service Agents, and the US government has steadfastly perpetrated and defended their conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman, it is safe to conclude that the assassination was planned by officials within the United States Government.

Since the fatal shot occurred from within the limo, it's possible that ALL the shots occurred from within the limo. Indeed, there is compelling evidence that the shots that created the first wounds (that distracted all four passengers in the rear, allowing Greer to freely take his head shot) were choreographed and created from devices implanted WITHIN John Connally's limousine jump seat - a location that could have caused both JFK's throat wound and Connally's back wound. The Presidential Limousine ITSELF may have been the murder weapon.

Five witnesses at the scene of the killing reported they thought shots came from WITHIN the limo. Six other witnesses smelled gunpowder INSIDE the limo.

If the fatal shot was made from inside the limo, it is possible to scrutinize everything that occurred OUTSIDE the car as stage-acting to create and support the government's cover story. In fact, if you look at the government's official story and reverse it, you're left with an accurate picture of what actually happened. The U.S. said the shots came from outside the car, behind and above. The Zapruder tape actually shows them coming from inside the car from in front and below.

In this scenario, the president's driver merely had to drive the limo through the pre-arranged "ambush" point, murder the president at a specific, pre-arranged location using a weapon under the cover of assassin's "shots." Since no one can see a bullet in flight, the world would connect the audible gunfire in Dealey Plaza with the president's wounds.

The perfect crime.

With the exception of one thing the plotters couldn't foresee: Abraham Zapruder filming the event with his 8-mm Bell & Howell movie camera at the precise location of the scam.

Consider this for a moment. If you were the assassin and your assignment was to fire a weapon at the President of the United States, during a parade in a crowded American city in broad daylight, you'd certainly realize that the instant you pulled the trigger, all eyes would involuntarily snap toward you at the instant of explosion. This is the last thing that you'd want. You'd use a silencer. Unless, of course, you wanted the noise to misdirect witnesses to shooting positions away from the location of the actual shots.

This I believe, and my research supports, is exactly what the perpetrators of this crime had in mind when they planned the murder of President Kennedy. Shooters were in place in various locations throughout Dealey Plaza that day. But their orders were explicit. DO NOT, under any circumstances, hit any occupants of the car. Since the conspirators had pre-constructed a scenario that called for three shots from the rear, it was critical that the wounds be made to support such a scenario. Their plan was not only to kill Kennedy, but to do it in a precise manner.

There was no desire, nor no need, to introduce the randomness of stray bullets or misdirected hits. Shooters were to shoot at precise times, from precise locations, missing on purpose (or using blanks), to establish, first; the illusion that shots came from the rear, and second, that shots came from the grassy knoll. This established two levels of deception. First, it linked the murder to the School Book Depository and Oswald as the patsy, and secondly; for those who couldn't swallow the shallow "Oswald was a lone nut" cover story, created the illusion of shooters on the "grassy knoll," a secondary misdirection that kept conspiracy theorists looking in the wrong place for all these years.

While this choreography of shots unfolded outside the limo, Greer and Kellerman were free to control and perform the actual killing inside the limo, themselves.

For 44 years, the slight of hand worked. While most of the country refuses to buy into the "Lone Gunman" theory, most fell for the perpetrators next illusion: the "Grassy Knoll" theory.

Looking at the JFK assassination like an algebraic equation - taking the known elements and working backward toward a solution - the previously unbelievable, suddenly all adds up. KNOWING that Secret Service Agent Greer fired the fatal shot - the video-tape seems certain -- is the first clear figure we have to work with.

The two secret service men in the front seat of the limo played key roles throughout the rest of the initial evidence gathering. Greer & Kellerman stayed with the body at Parkland Hospital. Some suspect Kellerman planted the perfect undamaged bullet found on a stretcher in Parkland that was later proved to have been fired from Oswald's gun. Greer collected the president's clothing that was later discovered to have a hole in the back. Kellerman and Greer had control of the limo. Bullet fragments tied to Oswald's gun were found in the limo after midnight after the car was searched in Washington. Greer & Kellerman stayed with the body at the autopsy in the Bethesda military hospital, telling autopsy doctors how the event unfolded (3 shots from above and behind). They then remained during embalming and reconstruction for burial, driving the body to the White House.

Like all working theories, mine is still open for challenge and new information. There is much more evidence too detailed to describe here that strengthens the theory. But the main point is my certainty that the killing was an inside job. Oswald was a patsy. Part of the misdirection. High officials in our government held a secret vote and decided that JFK must go. This of course benefited Lyndon Johnson, and there is plenty of evidence to implicate him in at least foreknowledge if not actual plotting. I'll let you consider all the ramifications of this yourself.

But my research of this case troubles me far more than the murder of one man. Like any man, JFK had strengths and weaknesses. There was no shortage of motives to have him killed. But if hidden people can kill a president 44 years ago and get away with it, what else has been done since that we also have no idea about?

I believe that the JFK killing was not a perfect crime. Mistakes were made which allowed us to catch a glimpse of the evil powers lurking behind the curtain of secrecy. Rather than deny what we saw or explain it away, I think we should see it as a very lucky, rare opportunity to glimpse an alternative truth. A truth that may show that the people we think we have selected to run our country, are merely puppets of a larger power that never face election. And these unelected others have permanently and secretly corrupted our federal system of government.

So I wonder. How much of the other "history" that we think we know from the past 44 years is actually misdirection? I believe that based on the events of 1963, we owe it to ourselves to question every explanation that the federal government gives us. Apparently, using their unlimited money, their unlimited resources and our very limited oversight, they are capable of just about anything.

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