JFK Murder Reveals Our Enemies

By Mike Johnson

JFK was murdered in broad daylight 45 years ago Saturday. As usual, the media rolled out another inaccurate, lying Anniversary story that points the finger at Oswald as the lone killer. I've invested thousands of hours in studying this case and I am 100% certain that JFK was killed by elements inside our federal government.

Thanks to a film of the assassination, you don't have to invest more than a minute to come to the same conclusion.

The federal government and the media keep insisting that Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald who they say was above and behind the president. Watch this film clip of the killing and see if that is even remotely possible (graphic). JFK Assassination Film (19 seconds)

Obviously the official version of how Kennedy died is a big fat lie. Your eyes don't deceive you. Kennedy was clearly shot from the front. His head was blasted backwards. There is zero doubt. Yet despite this obvious film clip, all of the investigative resources of the US Government came up with the opposite conclusion. The media have been perpetrating this lie for 45 years. Rarely if ever, do they ever air a competing theory, and NEVER do they ask the proper questions or show this clip.

MSNBC recently posted the following news article that claims that blood splatters prove Kennedy was shot from the exact 6th floor window that Oswald was said to have used to fire the shots.


What a crock. They don't even have the wound locations identified correctly in the article. But the real problem is relying on the blood splatters. Here is a photo that shows a bucket next to the limo at Parkland Hospital with police and agents all over the car within 30 minutes of the shooting. No evidence photos were taken of the car at Parkland.
Witnesses said the bucket contained bloody water from agents cleaning the limo immediately after the shooting. Trained secret service agents and Dallas police knew enough to leave a crime scene untouched, yet they changed the evidence before Kennedy was even declared dead. Any blood splatters used to determine the source of the shots after this fiasco were altered and would provide an inaccurate version of events. The top was then put on the car, it was rushed back via cargo plane to the White House garage and within 10 days the entire car was stripped down to the frame and totally rebuilt. Not exactly a case study for the preservation of evidence.

So when you see me link stories here that are critical of the federal government and the media, I have a darn good reason. Elements of the federal government killed our 35th president and "solved" the case with a predetermined story. They set up Oswald as a patsy and then had him killed before he could testify. Americans trusted their government back then so they got away with it. The mainstream media has been helping them cover it up for 45 years. The two organizations are in cahoots. They are a dishonest, conspiring team -- the feds and the media. You can't trust either of them and if they can kill a president in broad daylight and get away with it, they are capable of anything. Their lack of respect for our intellegence was only fed by our sheep-like response to their actions. But this is just one of numerous crimes the federal government has perpetrated on us. Here are some more.

The federal government allows the privately-owned Federal Reserve to print money out of thin air and charge American taxpayers interest on this money that costs us nearly a trillion dollars a year. The federal government could abolish the Federal Reserve tomorrow and print its own money and pay no interest. Why don't they? Why doesn't the media tell you about this rip-off that has gone on since 1913?

The federal income tax is constitutionally illegal and the 16th amendment that "authorizes" it was never properly ratified. You should not have to pay any income tax, ever, and you should never have to file any of those time-consuming tax forms. Why doesn't the media tell you about this? Why don't our federal representatives ever talk about the Federal Reserve or Federal Income Tax? They are part of the big dishonesty game too.

You and I are being ripped-off and forced into involuntary servitude under the threat of prison. This threat makes us turn over 5 months of wages from every 12 months worked to an evil, illegal government that is supposed to be restrained by the constitution and answer to the people. It does neither and gets away with it on a daily basis.

So, they killed a president. The media covers it up. If you can believe your own eyes, perhaps you suddenly understand how corrupt our federal government and media have become. So ANYTHING that I suggest to peacefully remove them cannot be called "too radical" based on what they have done, and continue to do to us.

You can tell federal leaders are playing us for chumps by the stupid "solutions" they offer. If federal leaders were serious about fixing the current financial meltdown they would immediately abolish the Federal Reserve and save us a trillion dollars a year. They'd then cut the size of the federal government by two-thirds and return to managing only the areas of government that are authorized by the constitution. If they seriously wanted to "stimulate" the economy, they would abolish the federal income tax. If giving us back some money is good for the economy, think how helpful it would be to let us keep ALL our money. If they wanted to stimulate small business to create more jobs the congress would meet annually to decide what laws and regulations should be ABOLISHED, not added.

You never hear the federal government, the media or our elected officials offer up these obvious ideas.

The solution is not more government, the solution is as-close-to-zero government as we can get. And the last thing we need is more of a government that kills presidents, rips-off citizens and then forces us into slavery 5 months out of every 12 to pay for the damage.

The JFK assassination was a national tragedy. But since it has revealed who our enemies truly are, it can yet be used for the national good.