Consider this...

By Mike Johnson


In the hierarchy of miracles, it would have to be classified as a baby one. Nevertheless, like all miracles, it stopped me cold in my tracks.

I'm blessed to live in the perfect place. A small town in Northwestern Wyoming, it's large enough to provide all my needs and small enough to have that peaceful suburbia feel. And what beauty! Located just 50 miles from Yellowstone National Park, we're surrounded by mountains in every direction. No matter which route I choose, it's impossible to be disappointed in my selection.

Lately, my walk of choice travels through the grounds of an oil company's corporate headquarters. You know the layout - a massive, four-story wooden and stone office structure that matches the local decor -- surrounded by 20 acres of manicured lawns, trees, fountains, ponds and walkways. It's the home of a deer family at night and vacant for walkers like me in mornings. Situated on a hill overlooking our town, surrounded by snowcapped peaks, it's a spectacular way to start one's day.

It being a lazy Saturday, I started a little later than normal. Crossing the road from my house, I could see that the company's underground sprinklers were spraying right in my favorite location. The entrance was dry however, so I decided to start the walk and just go as far as I could.

Approaching the section being watered, I absent-mindedly sent a command to the universe - Stop Sprinkling. Nothing happened of course. I grinned, realizing I had quite a bit to learn before the universe would drop what it was doing to jump to my commands. Half asleep, I sipped some coffee and kept right on walking toward the showered area.

Just at the point where I was deciding to take the left fork on the path, avoiding my favorite showered area straight ahead, I heard the sprinkler head directly next to me rumble to life. If I didn't scramble out of there within five seconds, I was sure to be drenched. I looked ahead for a way to escape and wouldn't you know it, the section I'd wanted to visit all along was now sprinkler-free. Calmly walking forward, I entered my favorite section of pathways while the dry area behind me took its drenching.

Standing on the wet trail, snapped wide-awake by the arrival of my little miracle, I pondered what had just occurred.

Coincidence? Or does this manifesting stuff really work so easily?

The timing couldn't have been better. At the exact instant I was deciding to turn left, the sprinkler kicked in, forcing me to go in the direction I'd requested. As the old path closed, my preferred path opened. Hmmm.

Could manifesting our desires out of thin air be so simple as merely asking for them? As I recalled my request, the only thing unusual was that after making it, I didn't revisit it - my mind drifted onto other things. I didn't doubt that the request would be fulfilled, I merely made it and left it at that. As if someone was watching my progress with hands poised on water shut-off valves, as I reached the precise point of decision, the flow started in one area and ceased in the other. The command was fulfilled.

What other things can we manifest out of thin air? Could our failure to get what we want be explained away as merely our lack of asking? Or once asked, fail because of our doubt that it will really occur? What if each of our thoughts is a request sent into the universe that HAS to be fulfilled? And the only reason they aren't is that before they have time to arrive we've launched another thought of doubt which in effect, is a command for our manifestation to NOT occur?

Turning back home, I once again faced those sprinklers. Grinning, I once again commanded their stoppage. Could it really happen twice?

When they didn't stop, I smiled, seeing exactly what I'd done -- and walked home the long way -- through the parking lot and around those sprinklers.


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