Yellowstone Visit on 2/18/06

By Mike Johnson
Photos by Margie Johnson

We purchased spots in the High Country Adventures snow coach to visit Yellowstone in the winter. We met the coach at Pahaska Teepee, one mile from Yellowstone's east entrance and 50 miles west of Cody. The coach took us as far as Canyon Village and returned. The trip took from 7am to 5pm before we got back to Cody.

Our group and the Snowcoach

Mike & Margie, Kathy & Bill

An oasis of warmth in a cold world

Margie & Kathy warming up from 38 below zero!

Mike at Dragon's Mouth, one of the many thermal features in Yellowstone

Lots of snow in some places, little in others

The 308-foot Lower Falls and the giant snow cone formed from the mist

Trumpeter Swan in the Yellowstone River

Coyote and ravens feeding on a kill

Buffalo in the road is a typical Yellowstone event

The Grand Teton Range 50 miles in the distance, Yellowstone Lake in the foreground