ZooMontana Makes a Great Day Trip

By Mike Johnson

Margie & I visited ZooMontana for our second time on 4/3/06. This under-rated treasure is less than 2 hours from Cody and only costs $6 for admission. The zoo is located just off the Shiloh Road exit off I-90 as you come toward Billings, Montana.

You can leisurely stroll the zoo in two to three hours. They have both indoor and outdoor exhibits. The most popular animals are the Siberian Tigers, River Otters, Wolves and Red Pandas. This summer the zoo is adding a massive new bear display.

Visiting during this time of year is perfect because there are no crowds and the animals are very active. During our visit, every animal was out and visible, almost posing for us at each exhibit. ZooMontana makes a great day trip!

The zoo has many displays inside their visitor center, including reptiles, snakes, turtles, ferrets and "Samantha," a 21-year-old monkey

This typical Montana homestead is also the ZooMontana meeting room

Get up close and personal in the barnyard area of the zoo

Poultry, peacocks, sheep & goats can be found in the zoo's barnyard area

Squirrels are masters at getting into bird feeders

Beautiful trailways lead you throughout the outdoor exhibits

The wolves are very popular here

Facts about wolves

"Prince" the Siberian Tiger pacing the perimeter

This is a huge cat!

The displays are built to get you cl-cl-cl-close!

Facts about tigers

Sika Deer don't look too different from our mulies

Red Pandas: One of the ZooMontana stars

The Red Pandas are adorable

And great climbers

Red Panda facts

Prairie dogs live on zoo grounds, providing unexpected cute bonuses throughout the zoo

Some of our familiar Bighorn Sheep on display

This porcupine is three years old and was hand-raised

Facts about porcupines

You can watch the otters play for hours

Otters play on land too

Two injured bald eagles live at the zoo

Facts about bald eagles

Margie gives ZooMontana a big thumbs up!