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Here's how you can: Rent Mike Johnson's brain for one hour. Just invest $250 and an hour of your time for Mike's "Rent-a-Brain" session.

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Dear Mike,
"Thank you so much for the inspiring "rent-a-brain" session.
It was fun and informative with lots of great, weird ideas.
Thanks again!"

Carol Kary
General Manager
Big Horn Radio Network

No risk. No hassles. If you are not "Wow-ed" by the ideas you gain, you don't pay. If the ideas I offer aren't worth AT LEAST $1,000 to you, you don't pay. No arguing about the results. You are the sole judge of the value. You decide if I get paid or not. You can view my resume here

Bottom line, it doesn't matter what I say I'll do, or what I say I've done. What matters are the ideas I come up with that have value for YOU. The risk is all mine. All you have to do is show up with a legal pad and pen to capture the ideas. Schedule your appointment right now while you're thinking about it. Just call me at 307-587-2331. I promise it will be a pleasant and profitable experience.

- Mike Johnson

Mike is an energetic writer & entrepreneur who learned how to retire early. Return to Mike's website