Consider this...

By Mike Johnson


Odds are, you've been away. You just haven't realized it. It happens all the time.

Yesterday, I was driving a lightly traveled road and passed a green car traveling in the other direction. My mental file draw slid open, and suddenly I was 30 years younger, pelting a green car with snowballs. Then I was sitting in the green car I met my wife in, and then, mentally oggling a green car I was dying to buy. I "awakened" 15 minutes later, with no memory of the preceding 10 miles I'd just driven.

In the past, I've heard the radio announcer mention his boss. And then thought of an editor. And imagined the conversation I'd be having with her later in the day. Before I knew it, I'd spent 30 minutes "talking" with her in my own head.

If you're fortunate, you'll notice these little mental excursions. Most never do.

We get caught in an endless loop of past memories and future worries that take us nowhere, but steal the only time we really have - this very instant.

Think about it. How often are we really aware of the present moment?

Even when we talk to people we know, we're carrying forward all the memories of our past dealings with them. We see our past perception of them - not the way they are this instant.

Parents of adult children are the best (or worst!) example. Even though we've grown up to be meticulous housekeepers, our folks still see us as the kid with the messy room. They see us as we were, not as we are. Just like we see everyone and everything that we "know." It's a waking dream that never ends.

Until we notice. And start grabbing the reins of our own galloping minds. By refusing to run off, we remain free from our past, free from our future and free from our thoughts.

In those present moments, in that still place behind the noise of our own minds, everything is perfect right now. And guess what?

It's always right now.


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