Consider this...

By Mike Johnson


In this man-made world of ours, most of our time is spent indoors. On the rare times we actually do venture outside, it's usually only because we're on the way to a different indoors. Then while traveling to work, shopping or a movie, we're riding in cars - another indoors. Rather than enjoying these journeys outdoors, it's more likely we're looking at traffic, dashboard controls or mental movies of a past emotional excitement.

When was the last time you stopped and looked at the sky?

Looking up is a psychological trick that immediately uplifts our attitude. There is something about the combination of looking at something higher than ourselves and focusing on the present moment that actually lifts our inner spirit right off the ground.

The sky is evidence that something higher than us exists. It is a living soup of oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, neon, helium, krypton, and xenon. All miraculously provided in precise, perfectly mixed, unlimited quantities, free of charge. It is beauty and function combined in an ever-changing mosaic that is free to view for as long as we live.

Whether the sky is cloudy or not, there is always something beyond the clouds. Just like people.

A person's personality is nothing more than clouds that prevent our viewing the real person who exists beyond. Like real clouds, personality clouds have no real substance, yet create the illusion they do, blocking the inner light that always exists.

Some people wear clouds that are dark and foreboding. Some use their personality clouds to whip up winds of confrontation. Still others are always raining negativity wherever they go. Bad experiences have convinced them to act in unempowering ways. Bitterness, anger and negativity all come from one feeling - fear. These people believe they ARE their personality clouds, so live a very limited existence.

Others wear puffy, happy personality clouds. Their entrance into a room uplifts others --shining their inner light through a pleasantly tempered filter of personality. Some rare individuals are even able to momentarily part their personality clouds through the mastery of special talents. Talented musicians, artists and writers sometimes so remove themselves from their work that unrestricted rays of total love and total light come directly through, bathing all in their presence.

When we look at another person, what we see reveals our relationship to reality. If we only see angry or happy personalities, that's all we'll see in ourselves. The true man is the person behind the clouds - the one who controls what clouds - if any - he'll present to the world. Just because he doesn't realize he has this control, doesn't mean he doesn't still have it.

Yet, forgetting our power is the same as never getting our power.

Remembering, is reclaiming.

Like clothing, the tattered garment of personality can be changed at will or shed altogether. The first step however, is to realize each of us can do so. The best practice is looking at others for the real man behind his personality. Find the eternal spirit in your neighbor and you find it in yourself.

Like the sky, once you see beyond the clouds of people, you find an infinite grandeur.


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