Consider this...

By Mike Johnson


What's the price of success?

About ten bucks.

Sometimes it's as little as three, sometimes it's a hundred. But there's no reason to pay more than ten dollars for a good alarm clock.

It's true. The complexities of success lie in the simplicity of waking up. Ironically, the earlier we get up, the sooner we begin to wake up.

Such is the magic of 4 a.m.

How many of us sleep until the last possible moment, dive headlong into the mad-dash to work, march all day to the beat of someone else's drum, only to return home - on "our time" at last, to collapse from exhaustion? Another night spent watching "Wheel of Fortune." Another workday spent helping others achieve their dreams without taking one step in the direction of our own.

Yet, many of us have programmed ourselves to live just this type of life. Day after grueling day.

There is a better way.

4 a.m. stands by as a bottomless reservoir of "our time." By arising early and starting the day on our time, we reward ourselves first. We give the best of ourselves to ourselves - FIRST. By beginning each day by filling our own cup to overflowing, we have something to share with others when we march off into the day.

Arising for an early walk gives us the entire world to enjoy for ourselves. It's never crowded at 4 a.m. The air is fresher. The moon is full, the stars shine bright, and the darkness envelopes us in a peaceful calm. We start the day refreshed. Relaxed. Inspired.

Arising early is like giving yourself a Saturday morning everyday of the week. There's time to read. To learn. To plan. To dream. No phones will interrupt. No daytime demands will creep in. It's our time.

Thoughts are never clearer than after an early morning walk. We can achieve more progress toward our dreams spending 30 pre-dawn minutes jotting ideas on a legal pad, than a month of rushing around during daylight hours.

You'll think of ways to do your job better. Or perhaps even think of ways to find a better job - or a new business. Take away the rush of daytime pressures, and your dreams expand on their own accord.

Napolean Hill accurately pointed out that more gold has been mined from the thoughts of man than has ever been taken from the earth! Think about it. Everything begins with an idea. And ideas come from calm, relaxed thinking. Our time.

What are the costs of such a plan? You'll go to bed earlier. You'll watch less TV. You'll go out less with friends. For many, this price is too great.

But if you pay it, the rewards are vast. You'll go to bed with anticipation. You'll awaken eagerly because you're now eating dessert first. Friends will see a new zest in you at work. Your attitude will improve because when you feel right, the world looks right. You'll be improving yourself, your way, everyday. You'll see yourself begin taking steps toward your wildest dreams - and find them coming steadily closer!

As you improve, you'll be shocked at what feats you can actually achieve. You'll begin to realize just how little of yourself you've been tapping into.

You'll realize you'd been asleep.

Waking up, begins with getting up.

Go ahead and take the plunge - it's only ten bucks.


Mike Johnson is an energetic writer & entrepreneur. Learn more about Mike's offerings at