Consider this...

By Mike Johnson


Change is in the air. The evidence is everywhere.

Just look in your checkbook. How many checks have you voided after writing "2004?"

January is the one month of the year when society goes easy on us when we try to change.

Optimism reigns. Our resolutions reveal our best intentions - the things we'd like to do, know we should do, and resolve to once and for all really do.

Self-honesty is at its peak. January is the month we tell ourselves the truth - that if we continue to do the same things over and over again, we're going to continue to get the same results. January is the month we admit we don't like those results and are willing to make changes.

We realize, perhaps for the first time in a year, that no matter how badly we did it in the past, we're free to cut loose and start over. We have a fresh chance to make all those good intentions, become good actions.

January is our excuse to start over. And just in case you leave January and find a pile of broken resolutions lying about, there's a secret you might want to know. You don't need anyone's permission to start over again! As often as you wish, for the rest of your life!

When it comes to change, it's always January.


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