Consider this...

By Mike Johnson

Look to the Source

Is the world in chaos?
Many people think so.
That’s the knee-jerk reaction when we read about kids shooting kids, adults warring with adults and tornadoes and earthquakes and floods wreaking havoc on cities.

But these events are merely the natural outcome of a world disconnected from the source.

In fact, we are so disconnected, most of us make the mistake of crediting the wrong thing for our many blessings.

Too often, we believe that the source of our abilities is due to that education.
The source of our income is that job.
The source of our happiness is that spouse.

We need to look deeper.

What makes one activity more enjoyable to us than all others?
Why do we have “natural” ability in one area over another?
What is it inside us that makes one man gravitate to playing pianos while another is nudged into constructing houses?

Why did we gain the opportunity to learn that particular skill from the thousands of others available?

Once followed, these talents and abilities lead us to opportunities that match our readiness to embrace them. The piano player finds a bar willing to pay him to play.
Or an orchestra spotlights him in their concert.
Or a film company uses his talent to produce the soundtrack to a movie.

The more purely we follow and hone our talent, the better the opportunities that present themselves.

As we continue to follow our talent, we meet people who become significant in our lives.

Our friends.
Our co-workers.
Our spouse.

By being who we are, we attract those who value the traits we exhibit.
The better person we become, the higher caliber of people we attract.

All of this can be traced back to that original inner urge.
There can be no doubting that each of us arrive with certain talents and preferences when it comes to skills and abilities.
Where did these inner urges come from?
Why do they exist?
Who or what programmed this invisible ‘software” that pushes us into our destinies?

Call it the Source or call it God.
But something stands invisible behind our urges, our bodies, our world and our universe.
And the system that this something put in place is responsible for all that we have become up to this moment.

Think about it.
Because we have certain abilities, we encounter certain opportunities.
Based on whether we decide to take or pass on these opportunities, we meet certain people and experiences.
Through experiencing these opportunities and people we are forced to make other choices.

If the choice is positive, we are rewarded with something positive.
Perhaps it’s joy, a better job or a wonderful new friend.

If we make negative choices we’re rewarded with something negative.
Perhaps it’s despair, loss of income or a divorce.

Each choice we make provides feedback – feedback designed to improve our character.

The system we live in is designed to make us better human beings.
The sign posts of our progress are the experiences in our lives.

Encounter peace of mind and you know you’re on the right path.
Encounter agony and it’s the system’s way of pointing you in a better direction.

If we stay in tune with the source, our lessons are easy.
If we become disconnected, we fail to hear the warnings and it takes a crisis to bring us back in line.

This is great news!
Once understood, we realize that we’re assured of success because the Source of everything is on our side.
Everything that we face in life is there for our own greater good.
Knowing this, we can stop making the wrong choices and start making the right ones.

How do we know which choices are the right ones?

Look to the Source.


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