Consider this...

By Mike Johnson


I'm sure the neighbors wrote it off as another bit of craziness from those people next door.

How else would you explain a lawn mower running next door, two hours after sunset?

I admit it - it was me - mowing in the moonlight.I really couldn't help it. Having limited time these days, I've been wanting to cut the grass - no, NEEDING to cut the grass, for the past two weeks.

Not because it was too high, but because I wasn't.

You see, my best ideas come while lawn mowing, and it had been too long since I'd harvested some.

To me, lawn mowing strikes the perfect balance between physical exertion and accomplishment. Because you immediately see the results of each swath of the mower, there's constant feedback as to your progress. Yet, the work takes little concentration, leaving your mind delightfully free to roam w here it will.

In reality, it doesn't travel at all - it opens. And once it does, the entire universe is eager to stop by.

Just ask. You'll be amazed at what comes through - like those ideas that allow you to chase your dreams. Like this column.

As fortune would have it, on this night, my need and a magnificent full moon coincided. As it rose, my hurried pace to beat the darkness was no longer needed. By using a combination of moonlight and memory, I was able to leisurely finish the job, while harvesting some fresh, new ideas in the process.

It was a valuable reminder.

There's ALWAYS a way to get the job done - IF we're willing to entertain unconventional approaches to the problem. Often times, our solutions lie just beyond conventional wisdom. By questioning the standard approach, we open ourselves to new alternatives - new choices - new ideas.

And find ourselves mowing in the moonlight.


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