Persuasive Writing is the Asset That Feeds Forever

The Largest Untapped Writing Market is YOU

By Mike Johnson

Financial freedom is heaven. I know this because I live there. No more Mondays. It's perpetual Saturday here on the mountain. No dress code. No boss. No having to be somewhere. The Border Collie is my co-worker, jeans are my uniform and the schedule is whatever I decide to do, wherever I decide to do it. Today I decided to write you from the "skybox" living room of my log home, 1,400 feet above the valley, framed by 12,000-foot snowcapped mountains, just outside Yellowstone National Park.

I'd been chasing financial freedom for decades. But in truth, it took less than 10 years once I directed my persuasive writing to the largest untapped market. Like anyone blown-away by something spectacular, I want you to experience it too.

Persuasive writing created this world for me, but not in the conventional markets you imagine. Sure, I started by directly selling my writing to traditional markets. Over six years I produced enough variations of the alphabet to earn freelance paychecks that totaled several hundred thousand dollars. That was an amazing lifestyle improvement for me. I loved it! But it took writing for MY OWN markets to propel me to the financial freedom that funds my life now, whether I work or not. Once you direct persuasive writing skills toward your own life, you can stop the paycheck chase and embrace the asset chase.

Asset chase? What the heck is an asset chase?

Here's a big secret most people never learn -- Money DOES grow on trees. It's called food. The poor and middle class buy "food" while the rich buy "trees." Food takes money FROM your pocket and once consumed, is gone forever, forcing you to work for it again and again. Trees put money IN your pocket by producing the food others buy. Trees produce for decades with little future work. Once you own enough trees, you'll never have to work for food again.

This is a twist on the "Rich Dad Poor Dad" philosophy: The rich buy assets, the poor and middle class buy liabilities. In my example, "Food" is liabilities. Liabilities take money FROM your pocket: Cars, houses, furniture, toys, doo-dads and groceries. "Trees" are assets. Assets put money IN your pocket: Businesses, income-producing real estate, paper and physical investments. These assets then provide you the money to buy the liabilities that make life fun.

Persuasive writing skills help you buy enough TREES so you'll never have to work for food again.

With ambition, an Internet connection and lots of practice, you can achieve financial freedom by directing your persuasive writing to your own "markets." I know this is true because I did it myself.

In 2000, I used persuasive writing skills to qualify for the purchase of a home with $1,000 down despite going through a bankruptcy three years earlier. The home sold 8 years later for a profit of $124,000.

In 2001, I used persuasive writing skills to write what my banker called "the best business plan he had ever seen." This plan succeeded in getting the $42,000 loan my wife & I needed to start a seasonal trolley tour business. The trolley tour business earned us a million dollars profit over 9 summers. We then sold the business for $300,000 - using persuasive writing to close the deal.

In 2003, I used persuasive writing skills to purchase a $400,000 mobile home park with just $1,000 down. My persuasive writing convinced the bank to loan us 70% of the money and convinced the seller to carry 30% of the money. Seventeen years later the park passively generated $8,000 per month profit and was worth $1.6 million.

In 2009, I used persuasive writing to lower the price of a second mobile home park we purchased from $950,000 to $650,000. My writing also convinced the seller to finance the sale himself so we didn't have to use a bank. Eleven years later the park passively earned $5,500 profit per month and was worth $1.5 million.

In 2020, we sold both parks and fully retired.

In 1977, not knowing anything about anything, I even used a series of persuasive writings to gain the interest of a vivacious 17-year-old beauty. The letters worked. She woke up next to me this morning. I've been married to Margie for 44 years.

I owe everything to persuasive writing. Persuasive writing earned me the writing assignments -- that provided the paychecks -- that gave me the confidence - and the time - to start writing for my own markets. Writing for my own markets earned me ASSETS. Now my assets pay ME. This allows me the freedom to write again for others, without having to worry about generating a paycheck. Today, I just generate VALUE. It's a kick to freely share it with you.

But I did all this the hardest way possible. I'm just a self-taught high school graduate. I learned persuasive writing by trial and error. Had I known about American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI), I could've achieved the same results years sooner. And years are priceless. Once money is no longer an issue, you quickly realize time is far and away your most valuable asset.

You too, can achieve financial freedom using persuasive writing. But with AWAI, you'll save time AND money. Your time savings are obvious - there's no fumbling with trial and error because you're learning from experts. Your money savings are less obvious, but only because no one can calculate the cost of opportunities that were never recognized and never harvested. Perhaps it is best you never learn about the millions you lost because you weren't ready to claim them. So let's look ahead to the millions waiting for you now.

Because you now understand that money DOES grow on trees, you can achieve financial freedom much faster than I did. Invest in yourself. Learn persuasive writing skills. Direct them toward paying markets and direct them toward your own "markets." Soon, you too, will acquire assets that pay YOU. When your assets pay all your bills and more - without you having to work - THAT is financial freedom. And that is a wonderful place to live. Come join me. Start today and I'll save you a seat. The seating capacity in financial heaven is UNLIMITED.

Mike Johnson is a writer and entrepreneur who learned how to retire early. To learn more, visit Mike's website at