Consider this...

By Mike Johnson


Slavery is alive and well in the United States.

Although physical slavery was abolished in 1865, other forms are still thriving.

Slavery to material goods is the most common example. The car payment, the mortgage, the stereo we bought on credit. The more items we acquire, the more hours we have to work to pay for them. Do we own our possessions or do our possessions own us?

If not material goods, what about habits? Are we a slave to habits that are not in our best interest? Do we smoke, bite our nails, procrastinate or eat unhealthily? Do our habits serve us or do we serve our habits?

What about our past? Are we a slave to it? Are we constantly using up our present moments reliving our past errors or pains? Do we find ourselves refusing to change for the better because we've always done it that way? Is our past a light frame of reference in which to help make present decisions or a heavy burden that we've strapped to ourselves that beats us constantly?

Why do we allow ourselves to be held in bondage by these task masters? If a tyrant captured us and forced us to perform the above actions, we would fight him with all our strength. Yet because of our own unawareness, we willingly submit. Wake up! We are in charge of ourselves! Nothing can control us without our willing consent.

Like all great truths, the truth of removing invisible bonds is simplicity itself -- declare your freedom and it is yours. But there's a rub - nothing changes until WE change. Fortunately, changing ourselves is well within our power by following a simple, five-step process.

Step one in changing any behavior is to become aware of it. You have to notice yourself lifting that Twinkie before you can access your power to stop it from going in your mouth.

Step two is to make the commitment to change. You are the ruler of yourself. No craving, desire, compulsion or habit can overcome your conscious decision to rule yourself.

Step three is to place massive amounts of pain on continuing the destructive behavior. What opportunities will you miss? What will happen to your health? What grand aspirations will go unfulfilled because you didn't muster the strength to make the right choices?

Step four is to place massive amounts of pleasure on eliminating your destructive behavior. Imagine the achievements you'll accomplish when you become the person you aspire to be. Imagine how many others you'll be able to help do the same. Imagine how that will feel.

Step five is to confront and change the destructive behavior moment-by-moment into a new behavior that better serves your interests. Break your pattern this instant - and the next -- and start a new pattern. Tough it out for seven days and you'll create a habit that empowers you. You rule yourself! Take control!

The most powerful people in the world are the ones who wield power over themselves. When you gain control over you, you gain control over your entire world. At that moment, you step into your destiny. Declare your freedom and it is yours.

THAT, is the truth that sets us free.


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