Consider this...

By Mike Johnson


It's 2022 and "someday" is here.

Admit it. 50 years ago, when people predicted how things would be in the 2000's, didn't you picture a life similar to the Jetson's?

Floating space-needle cities, little flying cars and big conveyor belts moving people along from place to place?

Yet, here we are in 2022, 50 years later, and for the most part, things aren't all that different from the 70's. Sure, there's a few more inventions - desktop computers, digital cameras and even Jetson-like cellular phones. But our cities don't float, our cars don't fly and outside of major airports, there's hardly a people-moving conveyor-belt to be seen anywhere.

Hardly the Jetsons.

One thing that hasn't changed one iota from 50 years ago is the phrase "someday."

"Someday" remains that mythical period of time that stretches just conveniently out of reach so that we never have to admit that what we're really saying is "never."

Someday I'll be rich. Someday I'll stop smoking. Someday I'll start that diet. Someday I'll pursue my dreams.

2022 is much more than the departure of 2021. It's the arrival of "someday."

Today IS someday. And it's time to face the music.

NOW is the time to get rich. NOW is the time to stop smoking. NOW is the first instant of that diet. NOW is the magical moment we decide to stop living someone else's dream and start living our own.

NOW is the only time we have. Fortunately, it's all we need.

We can do anything for an instant. Stop smoking? You just did. Now do it again the next instant. And the next. Life is nothing more than a series of instants that occur NOW. No past, no future, just NOW.

As long as we remember it's NOW, there's nothing we can't do. Why not use this knowledge to tackle those "somedays?"

Make a wealth plan NOW. Throw away the cigarettes NOW. Ditch the Twinkies NOW. Follow that dream NOW.

In the Jetsons, even though the gadgetry had evolved, George Jetson's real life hadn't. Caught in a series of "somedays," he remained in the same thoughtless rut. Dash off to a job he didn't like. Help his company achieve its dreams at the loss of his own. Fight aerial traffic jams back home for dinner.

Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

"Someday," he kept thinking, while we all laughed at his situation, "Things will get better." But someday never arrived.

And until we declare its arrival for ourselves, it never will.

That's why we should celebrate the magic of this day, the only day we have. After all those years, all those promises, all those long-held dreams, it's finally time to spread the word. The future is here.

Today IS someday.


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