Consider this...

By Mike Johnson


Gazing at the nighttime sky is much more than peaceful interlude. It's a trip backward through time.

Depending on which stars are viewed, their distances from earth are so enormous that the light they emit has taken as long as 2,700 years to reach us. In fact, the average visible star is so distant that the light we see from it today has been traveling 186,000 miles per second for the past 500 years. While we believe that we see stars as they appear today, what we actually see is how they looked 500 years ago. We don't see them as they are, we see them as they WERE.

And so it is with us.

So bright are our past memories, judgments and emotions, that we project them onto everything we see now, smothering our present vision. Because we see the past in all that we view, we can find no escape from it. We fail to see other choices that are available to us because we unknowingly see, not what is, but what WAS.

Until we consciously detach ourselves from past memories, we'll continue to project the past upon the present - hiding the opportunities that each present moment presents.

We are not our past. During each present moment we're free to make new choices, new decisions and take new directions. By releasing the past, we can change any aspect of ourselves today. This very instant. Only WE prevent our own improvement.

This is the truth that sets us free.

Unlike the stars which can never change their light, we are free to instantly change our light to any shade we choose.

Once we begin to see what is, as opposed to what WAS, we can make our stars shine with the luster that was meant to be.


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