Writing is a Super Power

By Mike Johnson

The most powerful skill on earth is the ability to assemble 26 letters into combinations that create anything you desire out of thin air. Enlightened writers realize that writing is actually a Super Power that can be used to earn income, retire early and gain any other aspect of life that you really desire.

You are a writer. That gives you the power to read anything, interview anyone and write what you learn, making you an authority. You can then leverage "being an authority" into financial and other rewards. Your research allows you to learn anything about anything and that knowledge can then be used to create an amazing life for yourself.

You can write an article and sell it to gain a paycheck. You can write a sales letter and sell it to gain a paycheck and residuals. You can write a book and sell it to gain a big advance and royalties. Or, like me, you can use your writing skills to create value out of thin air for "your own markets" and gain early retirement & anything else in the world you desire.

It all depends on where you set your Super Power's "thermostat."

Like most beginners, I entered my writing career timidly. Lacking confidence and experience, I had no idea I was dabbling with a Super Power. My writing thermostat was barely above the "off" position. But I started writing and I kept at it.

Because I am a writer, I could read anything, interview anyone and become an authority on any topic that interested me. Because I have ten planets in my Gemini career house, my main interests have always been writing, jobs, business, income and retirement. Here are a few gold nuggets I've picked up along the decades.

"Experts" Are Often Idiots

"Experts" tell you to go to college, get a good job, work 40 years and save up enough money to retire when you're 65. That is great advice if you want to help others achieve their dreams at the expense of your own. If you want an exceptional life, you absolutely MUST become your own expert and MUST follow your own path. Only 5% are financially independent. That means 95% are following and parroting the wrong advice.

For starters, skip college. It spectacularly fails any rational time and money cost-benefit ratio. Stick to specific, targeted training classes.

Jobs are better than college because they pay you to learn while you actually perform the tasks, gaining real experience. College is far too unfocused, far too expensive and far too theoretical. Better to immediately secure a job in your industry of interest than to study four years and accumulate massive debt before you even start to earn income.

But jobs are still rotten for income and personal freedom. REAL inflation is running 17% a year (ShadowStats.com) so your salary will never keep up with your lost purchasing power. And employees are taxed at the highest rates. Jobs also eat your life. You must work a schedule, wear a costume, follow corporate rules and beg for time off and raises. Even if you excel, one crazy boss can take away your income at will. Best to quickly learn all you can, escape while you're young and apply that knowledge to your own business. Like writing.

Retire in Months, Not Years

"Save a big nest egg and live off the interest" doesn't work. Once again, the "experts" are wrong. With real inflation running 17%, anything you save or invest will never keep up with the lost purchasing power. Or it will be stolen by brokers. Or "bailed-in" by banks. Or taxed and inflated into oblivion by governments.

Self-education is the absolute best, fastest and most secure way to retire. Rather than working 40 years and trying to save a million to retire and live off the interest, why not just teach yourself how to BUY an existing monthly income stream and retire in months?

You're a writer! That means you can read anything, interview anyone and become an authority on anything. Why not become an authority on gaining monthly passive income that solves your money concerns forever?

Why not use your spare time to learn how to buy passive income streams and then use your active writing income to buy them? As a writer, you have the ability to ease away from trading your time for money and ease toward making your money work for YOU.

After 12 years as an active writer, I chose multi-unit residential rental properties for my passive income streams. Specifically, mobile home parks. I self-educated myself and used my writing skills to purchase my first park for $1,000 down. It generated enough monthly income to pay all park expenses, a manager to run it and all my monthly personal bills too. Over time, I owned three parks. My only "job" was to manage my managers. The income was 90% passive.

There are many forms of passive income. You'll likely pick something else. But the point is, as a writer, you have the ability to read anything, speak to anyone already doing what you'd like to achieve, and self-educate yourself to create the life you desire.

It's More Than Just Money

Using writing to only make money is like using a chainsaw to cut trees without ever starting the engine. In skilled hands, good writing is miraculous in every realm it's applied.

How do you use your writing Super Power? It's only limited to the size of your imagination and courage.

You could write a letter to convince your veterinarian to donate an expensive operation to save your dog's life. Or you can write a letter to wealthy pet owners asking for donations and gain enough money to save a THOUSAND dogs' lives. It's all a matter of where you set the thermostat on your Super Power.

Want a better position at your company? Write a letter. Want that exciting corporation to pay you to write copy? Write a letter. Need a loan to buy a property or business with a passive income stream? Write a letter. Need to convince your daughter to stop using drugs? Write a letter. Want to raise thousands for a worthy cause? Write a letter. Want to attract a soul mate? Write a letter.

If you are reading this, you are dabbling with a force that creates entire worlds out of thin air. Respect it. Use it for good. Never take it for granted. Writing is much more than a way to earn money. Writing can create everything you desire.

Writing is a SUPER POWER.


Mike Johnson made the journey from jobs to freelance writer to entrepreneur to passive income and early retirement. Today he teaches people how to skip right to passive income and early retirement at WorldsBestWriter.com .

Once I learned how to BUY passive income, I stopped chasing the bucks and the bucks started chasing me!