Consider this...

By Mike Johnson


Have you ever noticed that we get everything we really want? Everything that we truly believe we deserve?

Think about it.

The car that we drive. That bag of potato chips. The place we live. Our house pets. Our shoes. Our spouse.

At one time, everything from the shirt on our backs to the careers that we hold, were nothing more than desires. And somehow, we successfully fulfilled them all.

Yet, if we get everything we want, what prevents us from getting the big stuff - becoming a corporate president, a world-renowned artist or getting that call from Hollywood, the White House or the Boston Red Sox?

What if we really DO hold the power to attain anything we desire but it depends on our belief that it's coming? What if even all the big things would become ours if we fully believed we deserved them? What if just one little doubt cancels out our ability to achieve the largest dream?

Could it be that our thoughts are the only reason that great achievements don't occur in our lives?

Think about it.

The difference between attending a movie or starring in one is much smaller than it appears.

Both require the belief that it can be done.

Both require a series of hurdles to be overcome one at a time. What are the necessary steps to follow? Where do I learn them? When are the best opportunities? Who can help me? How do I get the money, transportation or information I need to progress?

Both require that the steps be broken down into their smallest pieces, pieces small enough that they can be started today.

Both require desire.

Both require time.

And both require belief.

Belief is shored up by doing. Progress and growth breed confidence. Confidence breeds belief.

To attend a movie, open the newspaper. Read the movie listings. Learn where our movie is playing. Pick the time and travel arrangements. Come up with the cash. Find a friend to go along. Enjoy the movie.

To star in a movie, open a star's biography. Read how they did it. Learn where the acting schools are. Pick the times and travel arrangements. Come up with the cash. Find a friend to go along. Enjoy the acting.

Once we begin successfully checking off the steps to our plan, we begin to realize that "Hey, you know, I really can do this!" It is only in holding back, doubting our possible success, that prevents us from attaining anything at all.

To achieve, we must first believe. And to believe, we must start.

Think about it.


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