A sworn statement of guarantee from Mike Johnson

I'm not selling my writing.
I'm selling the RESULTS of my writing.

Increased understanding. Increased visibility. Increased sales. Increased profits.

I've hired writers before and understand it's a scary proposition. Hire one with an attitude and it's a hassle. Hire one who fights your edits and it's a frustration. Hire one who goes over budget and it's a disaster.

When you hire me, I am YOUR writer. I write to YOUR format, to YOUR style, to YOUR specifications. We establish the complete fee before I begin. If you want edits, I cheerfully make them -- free of charge. I KEEP writing until you are fully satisfied because I want your repeat business and I want your testimonial.

To ease your fears, I offer an uncommon guarantee:

I guarantee to complete the work to YOUR standards on YOUR timetable or you don't pay.

It's as simple as that.

What type of writing do you want?

Press release? Corporate feature? Personnel profile? Media kit? Brochure?
Authored article? Product name? Clever slogan? Advertising copy? Direct mail package?
Company newsletter? Award nomination? Website content? Case study? A complete book?

I can do all that and more.

In short, I will communicate your message so effectively that you'll reap more value than the expense of my fee.

Over the last ten years, my writing has charmed 12 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winners including Ritz-Carlton, Xerox and Merrill Lynch Credit Corporation. I've also delighted dozens of other renowned firms like Nightingale-Conant, BellSouth, Mercedes Benz, Continental Airlines and Prudential Insurance.

I know I can delight you as well. To view writing samples, testimonials, references and resume just go back to the prior page.

When can I start providing results for you?

- Mike Johnson

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