Consider this...

By Mike Johnson


It's easy to credit the wrong thing for our blessings.

For example, when I arise early to enjoy the most productive time of my day, one of the first stops is the coffee machine. I have the luxurious Keurig push-button machine that makes one cup at a time. But I still have to fill it with water. When I turn the tap, I can always depend on the water gushing from the faucet. On the surface, it's easy to credit the faucet as the source of that water since it is the equipment from which it flows. Yet, that would be false.

In my area, water is only available from a spring fed by snow melt from the Rocky Mountains in the Shoshone National Forest. A collection tank in our neighborhood distributes water through pipes, into my house, through a filter and out that faucet.

Water does not come from the faucet, it comes through the faucet. That little distinction makes all the difference.

Similarly, the source of everything else in our lives comes through us, not from us.

Take our bodies for instance. We inhabit them, but we didn't create them. Life flows through us, but not from us.

Look at the atmosphere. We do nothing to create the air we breath, yet we breath it every moment of our lives without giving it a thought. The air flows into us, we pull out the needed oxygen and exhale the rest. Air flows through us, but not from us.

What about thoughts? Where is a thought the instant before it pops into our mind? Thousands rush through our minds each day, yet they don't originate there. Like the air, as thoughts flow through us, we pull out what we need and let the others dissipate back from whence they came. The thoughts we keep, turn into physical manifestations such as health, jobs, homes and spouses. Despite appearances, all of these things come through us, not from us.

At best, we are co-creators with the source - conduits through which raw materials flow in one side and the circumstances of our lives flow out the other. The better our connection to the source, the richer the raw materials we have to work with. By looking closely, one realizes that each of us is actually connected to the source. Each of us is a portal to God.

By looking closely at a person, you recognize a piece of the source.

Those with exceptional talents are merely more connected to the source in that particular area of their lives. Sure, those talents were likely honed through study, practice and use. But through experience, confidence increases to such a point that the person KNOWS they can call upon that talent anytime they wish. Because they realize the talent is coming through them, rather than from them, they understand they are tapping into something far bigger than themselves -- something unlimited in scope - an understanding that grants awe, gratitude and peace of mind.

As a writer, this understanding frees me from the false conclusion that I must come up with ideas myself. I merely ask for them and they arrive. They flow through me, not from me. I've agreed to co-create with the source, and in doing so, I gain all the blessings that arise from the partnership. On days when I've let my connection to the source become weaker, the idea-flow slows or stops all together. It's at those times I remember the truth of the situation for all writers - and all people on earth.

God writes, the rest of us just type.


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