Consider this...

By Mike Johnson


I can read your mind.

Better yet, I can show you how to read the minds of everyone you encounter. Tarot cards? Horoscopes? ESP? Hardly. Merely watch another's actions and you'll be able to see the thoughts behind them.

Think not?

Remember the last time we received a gift that wasn't quite what we wanted and found ourselves saying, "Oh well, at least the thought was there?" We looked behind the action of gift-giving and saw the loving thought that generated the action. We read his mind.

Similarly, we've all seen the sales clerk who is in no hurry to wait on us. When we look behind those actions to her thoughts, we see a person who does not like her job and has little pride in herself. We read her mind too.

Then there's the cab driver who drenches us with syrupy greetings one moment, only to let loose traffic-directed profanity the next. What are his actions telling us about the hostile thoughts in his mind?

These people believe -- like millions do -- that their thoughts are private things that only they can see. They don't realize that like footprints in a field of freshly fallen snow, their actions leave tracks that lead directly back to their thoughts. Tracks that reveal their true natures as if plastered upon their foreheads.

Reading minds by observing actions is not for the faint of heart. One stray action says more about a person than a book-full of words. Yet, we are so used to trusting another's words that we actually feel guilty after glimpsing an action that proves them all as false. As if we aren't supposed to see someone trying to fool us about who he is. Novices undertaking the study of human actions are often devastated and depressed by what they first begin to see.

The fact that many people are not who they say they are isn't pessimism-based thinking, it is reality-based thinking. We deal best with those we understand most. Looking no deeper than smiling facades and cheery words leaves us vulnerable to another's hidden motives. Even Charles Manson occasionally grins and tells his guards to have a nice day. On the other hand, sometimes we're to blame for seeing things in another that don't exist at all. We paint a picture of how we hope the person is, and are then devastated later when we discover how wrong we actually were. Worse yet, we then blame the other person for failing to live up to our inaccurate original expectations.

When it comes to reading minds, five general tips help to more accurately size up another person.

To learn what someone thinks, watch what someone does.
To learn what someone values, watch where someone spends his time.
To learn what someone aspires to become, watch what someone reads.
To learn what someone is capable of doing to you, watch what someone does to others.
And if you really want to gain the deepest measure of someone, watch that someone's actions during a time of stress.

Our actions reveal our thoughts - our true nature. The thoughts we choose to hold reveal the very essence of who we are. But learning to read minds is a double-edged sword. Not only do we better see another, but we simultaneously realize how much more others can see of us. What are your actions telling the world?

We can read your mind.


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