Testimonials From Companies Mike Has Featured in How-To Customer Service Articles

"I just wanted to touch base with you personally on this article. It's a really well-written piece and looks really, really good."
Gary Chappell
Senior Vice President of Marketing & Publishing (Now Company President)
Nightingale-Conant Corporation

"Mike, I read the article you faxed to me on Friday and thought it was great. I wouldn't have changed a thing. Thanks for the opportunity. I enjoyed talking with you."
Ted Creech
Manager of Public Relations

"It's a very well written article, thank you very much."
Carolyn Van Ness
Corporate Media Relations Project Manager
Hallmark Cards, Inc.

"Terrific article!"
Gary Henderson
Special Consumer Services Manager
Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc.

"We are thrilled with your article. It looks fabulous. I can't wait to see these officially in print. I can tell you we will be mounting your newsletters and hanging them in the office! If you need our comments for any other article in the future please call us anytime."
Cynthia Nelson
Public Relations Account Manager
RMR & Associates

"Your writing skills make us look so good! I look forward to seeing the publication."
Cindy Achor
Group Manager, Consumer Relations, North America
Iams Company

"You did a really great job! Thanks!"
Rick Cesari
Cesari Response Television

"Thank you! I just opened my mail this morning and the two copies of the newsletter were here. I thought the article turned out really well and I wanted to give you a personal thank-you for making me sound so good. I shared it with the staff and they were real excited about getting additional copies."
Carleta Sandeen
Vice President, Regional Manager, Houston, Texas
Kelly Services

"What an awesome article! You did a great job!"
Justin Hall
Fish Monger
Pike Place Fish Company

"I love it!"
Ken McDonnell
Senior PR Consultant
EMC Corporation

"Hiya, Mike - Thank you very much for sending the newsletter. Wow, what a nice job! You sure produce a slick publication! Graphics are great, appearance is great; and of course the content is excellent. And I love the worksheet. You are a very talented writer--entertaining, and with a way to present quotations and information that is snappy and grabs the reader's attention. Thanks very much for making me look good!"
Ann Clarke
GR8 Ideas At Work!

"This is a really fabulous article! It's wonderful! You did a great job of presenting the information.
I'm delighted! I've already gotten a lead from it."
Holly Stiel
Thank You Very Much Inc.

"You did a wonderful job! Thanks for thinking of Miller Heiman."
Diane Sanchez
President & CEO
Miller Heiman, Inc.

"Mike- Thank you for giving me the final results of your work. You are an excellent writer and you know how to put people you are interviewing at ease. I am looking forward to seeing the printed page in the near future!"
Iris Harrell
CEO, President
Harrell Remodeling, Inc.

"Harsha and I both thought your story perfectly interprets all aspects of Stario and customer loyalty. Harsha said he also thought you did an excellent job transcribing his words into your story. I cannot state enough what a wonderful job you have done explaining our company and the importance of focusing on most valuable customers. We are very much looking forward to receiving a copy from you in the next few months."
Janine Collins
Senior Marcom Specialist
Stario, Inc.

"Mike, the article looks fantastic. I can't wait to see it in its final form; I think it's something our sales force could use when meeting with new customers. THANKS!"
Theresa L. Brixius
Communications Manager
Manco, Inc. (The Duct Tape People)

"Thanks for your interest and attention to detail. You did a great job of getting to the heart of our sales and marketing effort."
David Blaise
800-TREKKER, Inc.

"Thanks Mike. I think you've done a fine job here."
Julie Davis
Corporate Communications Director
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

"Mike, I received the copy of the customer service article today. It looks great! I wanted to know if there was a way I could purchase more copies from you. We would like to use them as a marketing tool. Thanks for your help."
Amber Wiley
EMA, Inc.

"I looked the article over and it was great. No necessary changes. Thanks for the opportunity."
Patrick Rafter
Public Relations

"You did good, Mike! Our CEO is really excited about your article. He even pasted a blue shiny star on it. I've never seen him give anyone a blue star before."
Joan Eisenhauer
TQEM Manager
STMicroelectronics, Inc.

(Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winner)

"Mike, great article!"
Steve Petruska
Southwest Regional President
Pulte Homes

"Thanks for the excellent job you portrayed about our service! We sincerely appreciate the fine job you've done!
Anne O'Donnell
Director of Customer Service
Trailer Bridge, Inc.

"No corrections needed. It looks great! Thanks for putting this together. You got to the meat of the matter and boiled it down to a nice piece. Call me if you need anything."
Gregg Armstrong
All Outdoors Whitewater Rafting

"Copy looks great!"
Sharon Rhoades
Director of Service & Warranty Admisistration
Airstream, Inc.

"We really appreciate the effort that you put into this article. WELL DONE and THANK YOU!! Also, we would be very interested in working with you in the future to do some freelance writing for us. Please give me a call next week when your schedule allows."
Marriam Rees
Vice President of Training Services
Training By Design

"This article looks great! Thanks for everything."
Andrew Gensheimer
Customer Relations Manager
Durakon Industries, Inc.

"Thanks for sending the article -- it looks very good!"
Joan Palmquist
Senior Vice President
Custom Research Inc.

(Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winner)

"Mike, this looks most awesome. I am flattered to have such a story written about us. Thanks again, and we would like reprints of this when it comes out."
John Metzger
Metzger Associates

"Only a few minor edits -- looks good!"
Wendell Wood Collins
Corporate Communications
Merrill Lynch Credit Corporation

(Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winner)

"I enjoyed speaking with you, and from your words, I know you have quickly grasped what we are all about."
Martin Slagter
Vice President of Sales
Hand Technologies

"Great article! You did a great job!"
Alan Villaverde
Vice President & General Manager
The Peabody Orlando

"Many thanks for the article and your nice comments. Both Jim Haney from Newman, Saylor & Gregory and I have reviewed the article and it looks great!"
Mary Dwyer
Customer Service Manager
Pirelli Cables & Systems North America

"Thanks for the great article! No changes from this end."
Karla Villalon
Manager Public Relations
Continental Airlines

"Mike, great work! Appreciate the accurate and professional journalism!"
Tom Nagel
Vice President of Sales
Quast Transfer, Inc.

"Great article! We look forward to seeing it in the printed publication."
Bart Brannon
sTupid PC, Inc.

"The article was great. Steve and I think you did a great job capturing who we are and what we do."
Hilda Martinez
Corporate Communications Director
Ask Jeeves

"Hi Mike, only one small change ... looks great ... thanks!"
Roger Pawley
Voice Poll Communications

"Mike, we love the article. Thank you so much, you did a great job!"
Mary Etta Coursolle
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

(Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winner)

"Thank you for a "reader-friendly" article. We are honored to receive this exposure."
Darby Checketts
Cornerstone Professional Development

"Great story! I feel that you got it right."
Chris Sophinos
Senior Vice President of Sales & Distribution

"The article looks good!"
Donna Boland
Corporate Communications
Mercedes Benz

"I received copies of the article and it was really well done! Your card says "Wordsmith" and by golly, you really are quite a Wordsmith."
Marv Linde
Franchise Owner, Billings, Bozeman and West Yellowstone, Montana
KOA Kampgrounds

"This is great!"
Norm MacDonald
Customer Relations Supervisor for Training & Development
Quill Corporation

"You have an amazing ability to listen and write a story that gets to the heart of the matter. Thank you for an excellent article!"
Barbara Poole
Poole Resources, Inc.

"Thank you for your fax. The article looks great."
Fanette Singer
The Signature Group

"Mike, thank you for the story featured in this issue. You captured the essence of Remmele's "Raving Fans" activities very well. It is a pleasure to have worked with you on this message."
Bert Casper
Vice President of Marketing
Remmele Engineering, Inc.

"We appreciate you putting together such a wonderful profile about our company."
Robin Uhl
Director of Marketing
Butler International, Inc.

"Mike, looks just great. I look forward to the prints."
Karen Oman
Certified Accounting Pros

"It's great! It reads real nice. Thanks for presenting us in such a positive light."
Rob Lange
Pocket Pump

"Thank you. It looks great."
Terri Bowersock
Chairman of the Board
Terri's Consign & Design Furnishings

"Thanks again for the great piece. Really looking forward to seeing it in print. Please let me know if there is anything else we can do to help out."
Wilson Zehr
Zairmail, Inc.

"You did super, Mike."
Nancy Friedman
The Telephone "Doctor"(R)

"Looks terrific! You did a GREAT JOB. I really enjoyed working with you on this."
Ann Fahey-Widman
Public Relations Manager
CDW Computer Centers, Inc.

"Mike, thanks for sharing a copy of the article. You did an excellent job of capturing the flavor of Prudential's efforts."
Mary Flowers
Public Relations
Prudential Insurance Company

"We LOVED the article! You did a great job!"
Barbara Wiget
Manager of Client Relations
Bendata, a division of GoldMine Software Corporation

"Regarding your article: I love it!"
Ray DeMarini
DeMarini Sports

"I read this over and everything looks good."
Jim Baker
Director of Consumer Relations
Skyline Corporation

"I love it! This is good stuff! I couldn't have hired you to do a better job."
Ken Higginbotham
5 & Diner Franchise Corporation

"Mike, thank you for forwarding the two copies of your newsletter as promised. What a treat to see our quick phone work so effectively spread across the pages. Good work - I'm honored to have been a part of the process!"
Robin Getman
InterACT Group

"Our client is absolutely thrilled with the piece you wrote for the Blue Chip Nomination. Thanks so much for your help!"
Jacylyn Diaz Syfu
Public Relations Systems Manager
RMR & Associates,Inc.

"You are a fantastic writer! You did a fantastic job. In just a 30 minute interview you captured our story."
Ed Cornelius
Cornelius and Associates

"Looks great! Thanks again!! We'll be looking forward to seeing it all in print!"
Beth Nolan
Customer Service Center Manager
Group Health Cooperative

"Hi Mike. Well done article. Thanks again for the opportunity to highlight our customer service capabilities."
Jolene Vanthuyne
Marketing & Communications

"Hi Mike, I wanted to give you some feedback I just received from John at VetCentric. He thought your release was "phenomenal." He was extremely happy with it. He said he showed it to others in the office and they loved it too. Thank you very much for your help on this."
Bill Snethen
Account Executive
RMR & Associates

"You're wonderful! You did a very nice job."
Joan Carol
Joan Carol Design & Exhibit Group

"Hi Mike - thanks for the article, you did a great job."
Keith Gines
Customer Service Coach
O.C. Tanner

"You did a tremendous job, it really looks good."
John Connor
Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, Inc.

"Here is the draft with only a few minor changes from Darlene and me. Thanks so much for showing it to us and for writing such a wonderful article about our company! We'd love to see a copy when it comes out."
Kay Moffett

"Mike, great article, all looks good."
Mike Prom
Voyageur Canoe Outfitters

Susan Berry
Director of Public Relations
Creative Energy
(For Baldrige winner Pal's Sudden Service)

"You have done a fine job. If there are occasions in the future that you think I can help, please just give me a shout. One of my degrees is in English, and I appreciate good writing and storytelling. You bring a sense of urgency and excitement to making springs. That isn't easy!"
Patrick Riley
Vice President
Fox Valley Spring Company

"Hi Mike - FYI...I had a very good conversation with the (client's) CEO and he said there were only minor edits on the award nomination (a few words here and there) - he was very, very impressed. In fact, as he's had mediocre experiences with PR firms in the past, he wants to go forward and explore other areas we can assist. I'll be meeting with him next Friday to discuss the business, his goals and how we can use various PR vehicles going forward. I want to thank you again for really delivering a great document which has opened the door to possibly more work."
Joel Sander Greenberg
Director, Public Relations
RMR & Associates

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