Buffalo Bill Burial Mystery

Controversy has surrounded Buffalo Bill's burial since his interment in 1917. There is still doubt whether Buffalo Bill is buried in Denver, CO or Cody, WY. To bring more clarity to the situation, Margie & I visited Denver and retraced the final movements of Buffalo Bill's body including the mortuary crypt room where the rumored body switch supposedly occurred. The links below are .pdf files of our article and photos published in our Cody Trolley Tours souvenir guide, "The Cody Keepsake, Best of Cody Guide." The files take a couple moments to open but are well worth the effort (do not attempt to open the files with a dial-up connection). The page numbers below aren't sequential because I skipped the pages that were all advertising. The full article is represented on the pages below.
- Mike Johnson

Burial article, page 37

Burial article, page 38

Burial article, page 42

Burial article, page 43

Burial article, page 46

Photo essay of our search for Buffalo Bill's grave on Cedar Mountain, Located on the west side of Cody, Wyoming.