"43 Ways to Earn Cash TODAY"
"44 Ways to Earn Cash Tomorrow"

Two booklets in one! When your back is really up against the wall and you absolutely MUST earn cash TODAY, your solution can be found in "43 Ways to Earn Cash TODAY." When you need a second income or want to replace that job you hate, you'll find many solutions in "44 Ways to Earn Cash Tomorrow." Both booklets are included for one low price.

This advice comes from serial entrepreneur Mike Johnson. Mike has owned and managed businesses since 1968. He's managed $1 million to $60 million operations for McDonald's & 7-Eleven. He's started and owned multiple businesses. He's written and sold thousands of articles related to business and entrepreneurship. Mike has been rich, gone bankrupt and gotten rich again. He knows what it's like to be so broke you don't have enough money to buy food. Mike has learned that the greater your financial self-sufficiency, the greater your financial security.

Mike has invested 10,000 hours researching the US financial system and is certain there will be no recovery before a massive reset or collapse. This booklet is written to help you survive and thrive during these difficult times.

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Are you a Parent? Business owner? Landlord? Church? Charity? Social agency? Everyone can use more money. Some are desperate, some just need a little income boost to stay on track. If you're blessed with enough money, giving away this unique little booklet is a great way to help others help themselves. Bulk orders get significant discounts. People in dire need can write the author to receive a free copy.

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From the Author

"Money isn't the most important thing in life, but it sure gives you more options. One of those options is taking better care of the people you love. It's tough to help the world when you don't have the resources to help yourself. What could you achieve if you had more financial resources? Isn't it time you solved your money problem once and for all?"
- Mike Johnson
Wapiti, Wyoming

10 More Ways To Help Others With This Booklet

1. Distribute this booklet to every employee as a free benefit to help their financial future.

2. Thank your customers by enclosing this booklet with your invoice, shipment or correspondence.

3. Hand this booklet to prospects at trade shows or sales presentations.

4. Mail this booklet to customers and prospects as a way to stay connected.

5. Award this booklet to customers who answer surveys, sign up for your e-newsletter or enter in-store drawings.

6. Use this booklet as an incentive to encourage the opening of new accounts.

7. Present this booklet to your tenants to help them earn their rent payments more easily.

8. Give this booklet as a thank you gift to those who refer you business.

9. Help your deserving relatives, colleagues and associates by providing this booklet.

10. Give this booklet to people in need yourself or give bulk quantities to your local church, soup kitchen, charity or homeless shelter for distribution to their clients. "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime."

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"43 Ways to Earn Cash TODAY" and "44 Ways to Earn Cash Tomorrow"

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Those in dire need can write the author to receive a free copy

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