(Note: I am fully retired. I am not accepting paid work. I only keep this section posted as an example for other writers who I freely mentor)

Normally in life, you get what you pay for. But when you hire me, you get significantly MORE than you pay for. The value of my work ALWAYS returns more value than the cost of my fee. Which makes hiring me a money-making proposition for you. This isn't an unsupported boast. My clients are always delighted with my work because I keep working on their projects until they ARE delighted. Just check the 73 testimonials I've received from some of the largest firms in America. Or check the 11 testimonials from ad agencies. Or the 12 testimonials I've collected from editors.

So today, I only accept assignments from people who understand that hiring me is an investment that provides a return. If you want Return On Investment, I'm your guy.

I have been very fortunate to achieve success in the freelance writing industry. I've also worked extremely hard to do so. Because I have 16 years of corporate management experience (McDonald's & 7-Eleven) and another 30 years of owning businesses myself, I bring a great base of knowledge and understanding to any business-related project I embrace. I specialize in business writing because I enjoy it, I'm an entrepreneur myself and it provides the largest return to everyone involved.

But you still don't know me. So here's a few more details to help you decide that I'm your guy.

When you present me with a project opportunity I will ask for your highest budgeted rate. I give you a firm estimate for the entire cost up front. This gives you budget security. I then offer a 100% Guarantee that provides you quality security. I want to remove any fear, uncertainty and doubt from your hiring decision. Still not sold? Click back and review my references, testimonials and writing samples. Feel free to call anyone you like. Feel free to call me and ask any questions. I want to be your writer and I want to help you surpass your goals. And when we're done and your project is a raving success, I want your testimonial.

One last point. Just because I've had some success doesn't mean I think I know it all. In fact, it's a sign of wisdom to realize how much you don't know. When it comes to writing, I set my ego aside. Nothing is more important than the work. This means that I'm easy to coach and enthusiastically accept constructive criticism. In fact, because I realize there is knowledge out there that can make me a better writer, I'm currently completing the Michael Masterson copywriting course. My instructors are some of the highest paid, most successful direct-mail copywriters on the planet. All this additional knowledge can now be directed toward your project.

So let's get to work. Just give me a call and let's start making some money together!

- Mike Johnson

P.S. To prove my value to you before you spend a dime, I'd like to give you a free gift. Just click here to access my customer service booklet, "101 Ways To Provide Exceptional Customer Service Today". This is the most concise collection of the 101 best customer service tips in use today. I know this because I personally interviewed executives at more than 150 of the world's most renowned customer service organizations to gather these tips. This booklet retails for $6.00 but is yours free, just for reading this far and considering me for your next project. Enjoy!