Editor Testimonials

"We receive more compliments on Mike's column than any other feature. We feel very fortunate to have Mike as a regular columnist."
-Kay Kennedy, editor
Home Office Opportunities

"I received your copies of "Consider this..." last week -- they're great. I only wish I had more issues to publish so I could use more of this. This is the kind of writing I'm looking for. Good luck with syndication, your articles are 100% better than the syndicated stuff I see out there now."
-Dennis Osterwisch, editor
The Optimist

"Mike, I hope you love the treatment of your piece as much as we do!"
-Celia R. Meadow, editor

"It's nice to know that someone else out there is interested in publishing/writing and is not out to just make a quick buck. It's very refreshing to know that others are doing what they love and do it out of that passion and not greed."
-Kim Lang-Bongiovanni, editor
The Good Times Magazine

"Mike, it's a pleasure working with you. You are both an excellent creative writer and a professional businessperson - a great combination!"
-Mary Helen Hilton, editor
AccuData America

"We're just thankful that we found you. We're trying to find some writers for our other publications and we're saying,"We need another Mike Johnson." They're so hard to find, I'll tell you."
-Robi Miller, editor
Clement Communications, Inc.

Reader Testimonials

"I wanted to tell you how much your columns have meant to me, how much they've helped me reshape my attitude and outlook. I can't help but think the world could only become a better, happier place if more folks heard you."
-T.J. Pennsylvania

"Mike, I LOVED the article on mountain climbing. You paint a picture with words that is truly artistic. In particular, the vision of being enticed up the mountainside as birds after bread crumbs was poetic! Undoubtedly, you have found your niche - to the delight of all who read your work."
-D.L. Florida

"My favorite columns of yours are "Angels in Disguise" and "Catching Fish on Bare Hooks." I am very active in our small community of 300 people and I have shared the fishing one with some of the teenagers here. I do believe that story has influenced some of the decisions they have made."
-M.B. , North Dakota

"You may never know how many hearts God has touched with your comments."
-P. & R. K. Illinois

"Just wanted you to know you sure made me think with your stories, and I was especially amused with "Momentary Lives." I was wondering, can a person print that particular one out, for in my case, my son to take to English class?"
-T.J.R. via Internet

"My reason for writing? To compliment you for the poignant article written about your boyhood/baseball friendship. The message? It came through loud and clear. But more than that, I found myself transported back to my own childhood. Your words conjured up faces, and names, and experiences...you made that wonderful, magical, universal connection that every creative individual endeavors to make. Congrats!"
-J. W. Florida

"I read your "Consider this..." in the May 13 issue. I was very much touched by the truth of your words."
-M.A.W. Florida

"Dear Philosopher Mike, Congrats on your "Consider this..." of July 2. I have been preaching it for over 50 years - never better said than in your own statement. I would expect that Diogenes, with his lantern, might stop at your door having completed his search for an honest man."
-Rev. T.R. Florida

"Thank you for your article on achieving what you dream about. All the local directors of Mary Kay wanted it. If you ever decide you want another career change, you might consider Mary Kay Cosmetics. You sure have the attitude for it!"
-B.W. Ohio

"You should enter these columns in contests for journalism! A jewel is a jewel - I pay lots of attention to journalism and your column is great!"
-E.W. Florida

"All the "Consider this..." columns are great but this week's brought chills and a tear to my eye - wonderful!"
-D.D. Florida

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