Mike Johnson: Writer, Researcher, Revenue Wrangler, Recluse, Retired!

Mike Johnson is a writer, entrepreneur and deer whisperer. He learned how to retire early and does his best to help others escape the employment wheel too. There's more to life than work and there's more to life than play. In the immortal words of Forrest Gump, "Both can be happening at the same time."

A versatile, seasoned writer, Mike has sold over two million words since 1991. His work has appeared regularly in business publications, newsletters, consumer and trade magazines, web sites, newspapers, books and radio. Mike is one of those rare writers with more than 40 years of first-hand business management experience with both corporations and his own businesses. A quick study, Mike can write about any industry.

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    Mike writes from his mountain lodge
    near Yellowstone National Park

    "Mike, it's a pleasure working with you. You are both an excellent
    creative writer and a professional businessperson - a great combination!"

    - Mary Helen Hilton
    AccuData America

    Here in Wyoming, "Log-on" carries a whole different meaning

    "We're just thankful that we found you. We're trying to find some writers
    for our other publications and we're saying,"We need another Mike Johnson."
    They're so hard to find, I'll tell you."

    - Robi Miller
    Clement Communications, Inc

    Mesmerizing another client

    Mesmerizing EVERY client